Dory Maguire Photography

Farm Photographer: horse portraits, rural lifestyle and landscape images

I love to experience joy and freedom and fun in life. Each of my creations is an expression of that love. As a multimedia artist, I create through words, images, and sound; my photos and poetry have won recognition at local, state, and national levels.

Like any great horse rider can tell you, "It takes a lot of skill to make it look this easy."

As a photographer, I specialize in nature and animals and the country lifestyle. I am there with my camera to immortalize those authentic moments that become precious memories to savor.

Click here to see a portfolio of some of my most compelling images.

Feel free to connect with me through social media. (I enjoy visiting Facebook daily.)

If you would like to talk about working together, please get in touch using the "Contact Me" link above.

- See you outside!  Dory Maguire


** New! **   Lesson Sessions
available by popular demand! 
Learn how to use your camera gear
to create beautiful images
that you will enjoy sharing and displaying.
Fee: $350 and up. Travel charges extra. 
Email me to schedule a time.

I make photographs of attendees' horseback performances 
at Jason Charles Horsemanship horse show events at
JC Ranch in rural Pennsylvania.
These images are later made available for sale.

Images from my portfolio are also available for sale
as frameable prints, and on various merchandise such as
greeting cards, coffee cups, and key-chains.

Photo Session Fee: $350 and up. Travel charges extra. 
Email me to schedule a time.


Collages: start at $150, using up to 3 photos purchased from my gallery.  Charges apply for: other digital photos that you provide, text, picture effects, and other specialty requests. Your photo prints: scanned and enhanced $100/each.


We love how you capture the timeless beauty of our beloved animal friends; you are gifted at capturing that essential moment with ease. Your lightheartedness made the photo shoot fun and produced marvelous photographs. Dory, you capture the beauty of our horses and dogs as if they are family!

Crystal & Jason Charles

Jason Charles Horsemanship

~ Happy Customers ~

This is my favorite photo and it captures my relationship with Honey very well. I feel that we are a team. We trust each other. We like each other. We think alike. To me, that photo shows we are truly simpatico!

I have placed my photo order(s). I can hardly wait to share these with my parents who do not have a computer.

Best wishes, Jackie & Honey

~ Happy Customers ~

Hi, Dory, your photos are wonderful! I purchased downloads of two of them, and enjoyed the rest. You have a great eye for catching horses in the suspended phase of the lope. 

I am feeling blessed! And thank you, Dory Maguire for such radiant photos.

Thank you! Amy and "Joey"

~ Happy Customers ~


You captured the gentle friendship I have with my horse, and it was really fun working with you!

Camryn and Joe

~ Happy Customers ~

Your photos were all beautiful and while it was hard to pick my favorite this one just captured "Jack" in such a lovely way. Thank you.

Barbara Neff

~ Happy Customer ~


You did an awesome job! I can't wait for the next show! Hope that I can have a good run in the cow class again so you can get pictures of that! See you then!

Karissa Speicher

~ Happy Customer ~

The pictures are great. Our favorite is her ground work stepping over the logs.

Cristin Garland

~ Happy Customer ~

Dory, My favorite pic is the one of Mason in the John Deere wheel barrel, such a confident look on that face you have captured. Thank you.

Sandy Hilbert

~ Happy Customer ~

Dory captured amazing photos of our puppy at six weeks old. She definitely has a magical touch.


~ Happy Customer ~

Love your work

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your photography. I mess around taking pictures and am truly inspired by your work. 


~ Fan of Dory Maguire Photography

Hello, thank you for sending me the link!

The photos are great and your photography is wonderful, I will definitely continue directing folks to your services!!!


~ Fan of Dory Maguire Photography

~ Facebook fans of Dory Maguire Photography

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Hi Dory! I love them all. You made my little asses look like thoroughbreds! I especially love the one of all 4 donkeys eating in front of the sunflowers and the one where all four of them are looking at Dennis dancing. The single shots all turned out really good, I think my favorite is the one of Little Jack, but just his ears. Oh, and I also love the one of Danny and Rory yawning... how cute! Thank you so much, they look wonderful!

Ashley Bear

~ Happy Customer ~

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